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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mapping of the Moldovan diaspora in Italy, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom

By Ghenadie Cretu
This report is the result of two years of intense work of an independent expert, Moldovan Government officials, diaspora leaders and members, as well as IOM colleagues, both in Moldova and under the guidance of the RO Vienna and in the HQ.
The European Union institutions and the Member States made this document possible – through their financial and moral support and constant interest and guidance.

The study is aimed at researching the social-economic profile of Moldovan citizens temporarily or permanently staying abroad, persons originating from the Republic of Moldova and their descendants, as well as their communities, in order to help the Moldovan Government develop migration management and diaspora engaging policies.

The research had the following specific objectives: (i) To identify the social-demographic, economic and social-cultural profile of Moldovan migrants; (ii) To assess the integration of Moldovan migrants in the foreign labour market; (iii) To analyze the migrants' relation with the home country; (iv) To analyze the level of migrants' social integration in host countries and their relations with diaspora organizations; (v) To assess Moldovan diaspora development and cohesion, as well as its level of self-management; (vi) To gain awareness of migration strategies of Moldovan migrants.

This study is addressed to migrants and their families, representatives of the Moldovan diaspora communities, representatives of the central and local public authorities of Republic of Moldova, in particular the Bureau for Diaspora Relations, all stakeholders interested in increasing the degree of diaspora’s involvement and encouraging the investment of the social and financial capital accumulated abroad in the development of the home country.

This research was carried out by collecting and analysing the opinions of different social stakeholders: Moldovan diaspora, representatives of diplomatic missions abroad, representatives of the local public authorities from Moldova and studied countries. Their opinion on migration, trends, migrants' motivations and expectations, activity of diaspora organizations, return perspectives of migrants to Republic of Moldova was also consulted.

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Note: For any further questions on the document or the process which led to its production, please do not hesitate to contact IOM or the author.

Monday, April 8, 2013

First Meeting of the EU Joint Action on HRH

The first meeting of the EU Joint Action on HRH takes place in Brussels on 11-12 April 2013. The Republic of Moldova will be represented by Dr Eugenia Berzan, Head of the Foreign Relations and European Integration Department of the Ministry of Health. Dr Galina Perfilieva, (HRH Program Manager, WHO/Europe), and Dr Ala Nemerenco (team leader of the "Better Managing the Health Professionals Mobility in the Republic of Moldova") will also participate in the kick-off meeting.

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EU Chief Nursing Meeting, Dublin

The EU Chief Nursing meeting is under way in Dublin, Ireland, during 8-9 April 2013. This meeting of Chief Medical and Chief Nursing Officers of EU Member States will discuss important matters of public health.The CNOs meeting during the EU Presidency of Ireland follows the WHO European Meeting of CNOs, Warsaw, Poland, 7-8 October 2011; 16th annual EFNNMA meeting, Copenhagen, 29-30 March 2012; Chief Medical, Chief Nursing and Chief Dental Officers meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, 09-10 October 2012; WHO CNOs Meeting for Russian-speaking countries, St Petersburg, October 2012.

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